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Updated: Mar 18, 2022


Choose the shape of your choice: geometric, free shape or a smaller pool. To achieve a good balance you should consider your backyard space and the architecture of the house, that way you will save time when making the design.


You already have the ideal shape, now incorporating other elements such as a spa, waterfalls, fire bowls or a combination of both you could beautify the pool. Choose the type of lights you prefer: Regular or LED colors, you may also consider incorporating automation.


Select colors that contrast or match your surroundings. Decks, copings, tiles and plasters are part of this group that will enhance your creation.


You could add to your pool surroundings other elements: a Pergola, a bathroom, a kitchen area, a Firepit where everybody can gather around the warmth when the season changes, all this gives value to the property and creates fun outside the house. Also placing furniture and decoration items will further elevate the elegance and quality of your project.

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