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Villa Pool

Pool Remodeling

If your pool needs a refreshed look, Ocean Custom Pools is the company for you. We will make your old pool look new and beautiful. We can install or change lights, update technology, change panels, rewire, renew plaster, install a new deck around the pool area or tile, update plumbing, change equipment, etc.

Before Remodel

Remodel Completed

Beginning with a total evaluation of what exists, we will make a diagnosis of everything that has to be corrected and then elaborate a project including all your wishes and requirements, making sure that every single spot of your pool is covered, inside as well as its exterior: plaster change, new spa, firepits and other fixtures, a kitchen that will allow the full use of your garden space. 

Your investment will make your pool alive and beautiful again.

The new LED Color Lights and up to date technology will allow you to relax and see your family full enjoyment from your cell phone if you are not at home... to get home and join in the fun is part of what we are offering. You will be able to see in 3D your project with new colors, contrasts, renewed garden, comfortable furniture and other beautiful additions that will make you feel happy and content, that is true RENOVATION!

About US

Ocean Custom Pools LLC is a Company with experience in the construction of swimming pools. We are updated on technology and equipment, as well as in the installation of the required equipment. You will have all the options you need until you reach your ideal pool. We have design programs that will show you, in 3D, exactly how your pool will look in your space and in your environment. Our empathy and the desire to please our customers will make you feel confident.

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